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Job Search Guidelines

Companies You Wish to Work For


You will prepare a list of at least ten companies for which you feel qualified.  First, you will ask yourself these questions and supply the answers.


1.        What am I qualified to do?


2.        What type of degrees, certifications, or on-the-job education have
I gained?


3.        Why am I qualified to become an employee with company X?


4.        Will company X most likely offer additional training?  What do I want
to learn?


5.        What is attractive about company X to me?


List of companies where you would like to be employed:

          Company                               Type of Work                          Expected Salary


1.       Kellogg Brown & Root                  Transportation/Logistics           $38,000 annual


2.       Ellis Corporation                      Field Service Technician          $45,000 annual


3.       Aquion Water Treatment          Draft Engineer                         $52,000 annual

Your Support Group:  People You Can Trust


It is important to determine who among your friends and family is most likely to aid in helping you to obtain employment.  Tell the world!!  Don't be ashamed to ask for help.  People will be honored you asked for their advice and assistance.


Create a list of the people who will help you gain employment.


Person Who Will Help You Most                              Date of Contact

1.        Anne Frank, Registered Nurse                                     5/20/2009 

2.        George Peppard, Engineer                                           6/12/2009


Your Support Group:  Get To Know Yourself



The following questions are impossible to answer completely honestly.  You must find a friend or family member you can trust in helping you determine which of your character traits will best serve your future employer.  Answer the following questions:


            How do I come across to others (aggressive, quiet, shy, hard-working, easy-going)?

Is my appearance neat, messy? Is my clothing appropriate for a professional?

Do I believe in myself?  Am I confident?

How do I communicate?  Am I clear, to the point, easy to understand?

How strong are my listening skills?

Can I work well in a team environment?

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