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This site will ask you to enter key words related to your job search.

You want to build a list of key words that will potentially show up in job ads. 

Here's an example: if you are looking for a sales position, you’ll use key words such as “sales representative“, “account manager”, “key account manager”, “national account manager”, “account executive”, “business development”, "strategic marketing", "top sales", "customer relations", "value-added sales", and related terms.

Here's another example:  If you are seeking an accounting position, you’ll use  key words like “accounting manager,” “controller,” “accounts payable,” “accounts receivable”, “CPA”, “VP finance”, depending on the level position you’re seeking. 

After you build a list of 15 key words or more, go to 

You will see two categories come up that look like this:

What Where
____________________________ ____________________________
l l l l
l l l l
l l l l
____________________________ ____________________________

Job title, key words or company name City, state or zip code

You’ll enter the location you’re interested in, such as "Schaumburg, Illinois,"

The site will post available jobs within 25 miles, and will tell you how long the position has been posted.

You’ll click on the posting, read the job description, determine whether you’re a suitable match, and fill out the information the site asks for.

You can then post and submit your resume and cover letter. Fill out the form and all information that is required for each job ad.  It's not difficult.  Once you get used to it - and it won't take long - you'll move through it quickly

Look for a place on the site that says "post" or "apply".

After clicking your mouse on one of these words, you'll have to fill out basic personal and job-related information.

You’ll come to a section that says “browse” that lets you upload your resume in Microsoft Word.  (The reason that you don't want a PDF file is that you can't upload a PDF file into this section).

Sometimes you may have to paste your resume in text format into a box that says "paste your resume here" or something similar.  You can paste your Microsoft Word resume in this section.

Your Microsoft Word resume will easily convert to a resume text format if you use a primarily left margin format without fancy borders, shading and graphics.

You can also cut paste your cover letter into the category "Additional Information".   After you complete all required information, the site will ask you to "submit" your resume.

Click on "submit" and you're done, you've now posted your resume and letter to the specific job and company to which you're applying, including all required personal and job-related information. is the only site you’ll really need to use to get started with your job search.  It’s easy to use.

W.R.I.T.E. Resume Service can assist you with your postings for a small fee.

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