Contributed by Carl Schumacher, Executive Recruiter and Career Coach

OK, so you have been laid-off, downsized, riffed, let go, fired or maybe you even quit. Before you rush to put your resume on Indeed, CareerBuilder, Ladders, Dice, or all of the above, take a minute and ask yourself a question:


What job do I really want? 


Leaving your job is a very destabilizing situation, and depending on whether you have money put away or are given some kind of a severance, this situation can even be a threat to your survival.

No matter what the case, this is a time of transition, that is for certain. During a time of transition, why not do a little reflection? Dig down deep and see what you really want to do.


Here is what I suggest: Write down 20 jobs or careers to your liking. However, If you write down the King of France or Cage Fighter as your choices, the process may take a bit longer, so stick to jobs within the realm of possibility. But that doesn't mean you can't think outside the box. If you have been looking to start that website business selling antiques your grandmother left you, write that down as one of the choices.


After you have written down your 20 possibilities, it's time to look at their feasibility. Here is an example: You have worked at a company for 15 years and have done a lot of product management, marketing and promotions, and in the course of your work, you have helped negotiate several contracts and played a key role in bringing in business for your company.  Although you have never really been a top sales rep involved in business acquisition or new account development, you do  have great customer relations skills and have been the key subject matter expert in a number of sales. A natural progression for you would be Account Manager, Key Account Manager, Business Development Representative or a related opportunity..


OK, so you have decided that you really want to go for a job as a Business Development Manager.  Great!  However, what about the fact that your resume has no real business development.experience? Unfortunately, in this current economy there are not a lot of people hired based on what they might be able to do rather than what they have already achieved.

Gearing your resume to the business development role should be the next course of action.
A professional resume writer and career coach can do wonders for you by preparing an effective resume and career focus. Your resume and your career direction will need proper shaping.

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