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1.         I will get __________ interviews on my calendar and attend them within ______ weeks with each employer who responds to me.  I will make sure I attend each interview because I need the practice and exposure.


2.         I will be back to work no later than _______ regardless of the conditions or pay because my integrity, reputation and self-respect matter to me.


3.         I will follow through on all job inquiries, respond to ads, call back people willing to help me in my job search, and stop putting off seeking employment because of some ridiculous and fictitious belief that there are more important things to do first.

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You will find several reasons why you can put off looking for a job till tomorrow.  However, when tomorrow comes, you are one more day away from obtaining a job that will give you a steady income and make life more secure.



Call Back and Prospect Log Form


Use this simple form to track the companies to which you've responded:


Date My Resume    Company Resume    Name and Title            Date of Phone/Email

Has Been Sent     Has Been Sent To        of Contact Person       Follow Up Contact  








Important Resume Writing Tips:


The resume is a marketing tool, not your life story.  An HR representative can receive up to 500 resumes for a single position. HR staff are burdened with heavy time-management schedules. The purpose of a resume, therefore, is to allow the employer to evaluate your best qualifications and achievements.


    A resume prepared by Write Resume Service will get you interviews.

The interview is the proper time to fill in all the small details concerning your
qualifications for the position for which you are applying.


    A good resume gets your message across with key words, key phrases, key qualifications and achievements.
Human resource staff, personnel managers, employment agencies and recruiters do not want to spend all day examining your qualifications.

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